Streamline Your Recruiting, Tracking, and Qualifying Process

Streamline Your Recruiting, Tracking, and Qualifying ProcessTo streamline your recruiting, tracking and qualifying processes you need to eliminate waste and increase effectiveness. Take a moment to document the steps, interaction, and points of frustration during the recruiting, tracking and qualification process.

Recruiting Management

  • Can you store templates of job descriptions?
  • Can an approval process be applied to the requisition?
  • What is the process, and what rules can be applied?
  • How quickly can a requisition start accepting applications?
  • How do you post a requisition to job boards?

Applicant Management

  • What applicant information is collected (e.g., contact data, sourcing information, , resumé submittal, work history, education, etc.)?
  • Explain how your ATS works with various job types as well as internal and external applicants.
  • Explain how your ATS tracks the source of the applicant.
  • Does your system support conceptual search? What other types of search do you support?
  • Does your system support Web mining and the sourcing of resumés?
  • Is the applicant workflow configurable? If so, can I create automated email messages for each step?
  • Does the system allow for inserting applicant notes?
  • Can you upload documents into applicant records?
  • Does the system have onboarding available?

From here, you can determine what information you need to collect, how you want to collect it and what criteria you need.

To learn more about how applicant-tracking software can help you achieve better hiring results, click here.

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