Understanding What Matters When Selecting An ATS Solution

Understanding What Matters When Selecting An ATS SolutionApplicant-tracking systems have improved resume parsing, helped streamline the job application process, and, through new reporting metrics, as well as enabled HR administrators and leaders to save money on the overall recruitment process.

For example, you can:

  • Identify Bottleneck Limitations

An ATS should be able to automate your HR administrators workflow so you can set up immediate replies upon receiving an application and/or identify the reviewers and next steps for a candidate’s information. This process is visible to all administrators and can help a manager identify if there are any discrepancies in the process and where improvements need to be made.

  • Easily Configure Your Workflow

Because no two companies are alike, the system should be easy to configure to fit to your organization’s unique recruiting workflows today, and adapt for any hiring changes you make tomorrow.

Below is a set of evaluation criteria you can use to identify the right solution.

mSP-ATS Evaluation Criteria

To get the support you need, Build an Applicant Case with our complete step-by-step-checklist.


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