Evaluating Your ATS Options

 Evaluating Your ATS OptionsStaffing is much more than filling seats. A recruiter’s key role is to build a talent pipeline.

A comprehensive web-based applicant-tracking system can offer full-featured applicant tracking, candidate recruiting, and onboarding in one scalable, configurable solution. HR departments can use the application to work with staffing agencies in one shared strategy.

First you must evaluate your key metrics.  Below is a useful checklist.

mSP-Evaluation metrics criteria

Second, list potential risks and propose ways to overcome them. 

mSP-Potential risks

Third, justify the benefits of the solution.

  1. Quantify financial benefits with a cost-benefit analysis.
  1. Establish nonfinancial benefits (increased quality of hire, lower legal risk, improved cooperation and communication among recruiters, hiring managers, and applicants).

To get the support you need, Build and Applicant Case with our complete step-by-step-checklist. 

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