3 Flexible EEOC Friendly Applicant Tracking Tools

3 Flexible EEOC Friendly Applicant Tracking Tools“The workplace is rapidly changing and so are HR practices,” said EEOC Chair Jenny Yang at the recent Society for Human Resource Management’s Employment Law & Legislative Conference.

As a result, the EEOC is now backing the use of technology to recruit, hire and advance workers to reduce bias throughout the hiring process. The opportunity that “big data” and talent analytics provides can be used to “to promote equal opportunity.”

An applicant tracking system offers the following three tools that can help streamline recruiting, decrease turnover, and improve the overall workforce quality within your business:

  1. Recruiting and Attracting Talent
    • The recruiting functionalities within an ATS can help eliminate discrepancies in the process by helping your HR team establish recruitment objectives, assist with the recruitment strategy, automate any recruitment activities and give recruiters the opportunity to evaluate the results in a secure environment.
  2. Screening and Qualifying Candidates
    • This feature of an ATS gives your HR team the ability to quickly vet candidates, arrange interviews, and manage both internal and external communications with ease. This same feature can be utilized from a company’s internal talent pool for any individual who may be looking to advance within the organization. If the internal candidate’s criteria match the necessary requirements, they can be added to the qualified group for further evaluation. As a result, your HR team is may be more likely to make a successful hire based on the selected criteria that are required to perform the job responsibilities.
  3. Onboarding New Hires
    • This function gives your HR Team the ability to streamline the intake of new hire paperwork and information accurately all within a secure environment before the employee’s start date.

With these three tools in mind, it’s important to understand how applicant-tracking technology can be customized to your business so that the data can be utilized in a thoughtful manner as well as in compliance with regulations enforced by the EEOC.

Applicant tracking and onboarding technology offer HR administration the tools they need so they can focus on your company objectives.

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