4 Types of Flexible HR Software

4 Types of Flexible HR SoftwareDue to the rapid change of pace within the workplace, organizations are constantly looking for ways to keep up with the demands. HR software can unify business needs with administrative expectations.

Below are 4 types of HR software that can provide your business with the flexibility it needs to meet the demands of your company as well as to improve workplace productivity.

  1. Talent Management  

The hiring software can encompass recruiting, applicant tracking, candidate screening as well as onboarding. The goal of this software is to organize and streamline your hiring process so you can get the right people in the right jobs as quickly as possible.

  1. Time & Attendance  

Time and attendance software allows an employee to clock in and out, request time off and view PTO accrued. This type of software can keep labor expenses in check by reducing over-payments and providing alerts to managers before an employee works overtime hours. Time and attendance software can greatly reduce the number of hours spent on manual time sheets; as well as eliminate must of the post-work.

  1. Payroll  

Payroll software reduces time spent on payroll with features such as customized wage calculations, automated year-end reporting, direct deposit, and electronic tax filing. Payroll software can include accounting software, or be integrated with QuickBooks allowing you to complete more tasks without leaving the system. Integrating payroll with time and attendance bridges the gap between hours worked and hours paid.

  1. Benefits Administration  

Benefits administration software brings health insurance, retirement plans, profit sharing, and compensation together in one neat package. It provides an alert for when an employee becomes eligible for a benefit. Benefits administration software is often integrated with payroll software.

These four types of software not only provide analytics, but also can help reduce errors, and help you in your efforts to keep compliant, they provide the opportunity for your human resources staff to have the time to tackle new projects. When integrated with each other, your business can dramatically increase productivity and efficiency.

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