Applicant-Tracking – What Matters Most?

Applicant Tracking What Matters MostIn the world of applicant tracking, what matters most? The answer to that question is simple – flexibility!

Having a customized talent management system is essential to the continued development and growth of your business. Without it, you’re basing your talent and human resource activities on a stagnant system.  Which can place your company at risk or put a greater burden on your HR team to produce unrealistic results.

Below are 5 ways a comprehensive applicant tracking system can improve your HR team’s productivity and give them the flexibility they need.

  1. Need help identifying the right candidates?

A configurable search option can display the search criteria that is most relevant to you based on the job you are trying to fill.

  1. Looking for a way to easily zip through responses from several applicants?

Build your list of applicants easily by reviewing data sheets one at a time so you can quickly scan the applicant’s response to the prescreening process, update their status, add comments, and then move on to the next one.

  1. Need help managing the hiring manager’s responses?

With a quick response portal, you can obtain the hiring manager’s feedback on an applicant simply by updating their status.  The streamlined workflow will notify the hiring manager of the update so they can review the applicant’s information and “accept” or “deny” them.

  1. Having talent pool dilemmas?

Expand your recruiting reach with social media tools, web 2.0 functionality, enhanced SEO, LinkedIn® and Facebook® integrations, and free job-board site listings.

With the ability to oversee the promotion, the reporting, and any candidate communications from a single interface, your recruiting team can get more done in less time.

  1. Do you have a reliable support team?

Select a system that will provide your HR staff with the support structure they need to produce the results they need. A good indicator is when the system has high remarks in their customer satisfaction surveys and has received national accolades.

Looking for an applicant tracking system that provides all 5 of these functionalities? Contact us at or visit mystaffingpro to schedule a demo and see how flexible our management solution it.

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