Brand Presence in a Job Posting: Give Your Brand a Shout

Anonymous job postings: we’ve all seen them. Some of us have even replied to them. Maybe one or two of us are using them right now as a recruitment tool. Sometimes, a company decides to use a third-party recruiter, and the recruiter’s brand appears in the job posting. Or the recruiting software you’re using doesn’t let you integrate your brand into the job application.

Whatever the case may be, we’re more interested in the other side of the story today: putting your brand forward in a job posting, and helping job applicants connect with your company.


Here are three reasons why having brand presence in a job posting can matter.


  1. Job seekers don’t always know your brand when they’re applying for a job. In fact, many may be discovering your company for the first time. And even candidates who know your brand may have no idea what it’s like to work there.

In addition to the items traditionally found in a job posting, consider sharing details of what working there is like. Start with the perks and quirks that make your place of business unique. Bike racks on the walls in a LEED-certified office? Let your applicants know this.

As you build from listing the perks, you may wish to include links to your company’s blog and, if it applies, your social media pages—places where the message is a little more personal.


  1. Whether an applicant is new to your company, or has been a fan for years, the presence of your logo may convey more than you know. This visual cue can prompt everything from recognition to inquiry, and plenty in between. If you’re going to truly give your brand a shout out, the logo should be there. If it’s possible, go beyond the logo on the visual side: include company colors, images, and fonts that are consistent with your existing brand presence.

In addition, you may wish to make the tone of your job post mirror what a job applicant would find on your website, and in your blog articles and social posts. While you’re not trying to sell them a product or service in a job post, you ARE trying to sell someone on the idea of working at your company. Be sure they get the feel of your brand through the writing voice.

In our earlier Art of the Auto-Reply article, we offered a few tips on writing voice and style: use an active sentence structure; keep sentences short and conversational, etc. The rules apply here as well. Above all else, remember that you’re writing to another person. Therefore, they shouldn’t feel like they’re reading a text book, or trying to understand quantum physics when they’re reading your post (unless you’re hiring a quantum physicist).


  1. As you review your post, be sure to get out some paper and a pencil, and tally your score. Score? Yes! You’ll want to hit the high marks on the following:
  • Why would someone want to work for your company? Has your job post clearly shown and explained it? What more could you share?
  • What perception does your job post create about your company? For instance, if your company prides itself on a “casual environment,” does the post show this? And if it does, can you show this more directly?
  • Have you given job applicants enough reason to delve deeper into your brand? Will they want to visit your website? Are they inspired to move to the next step, and either fill out an application or submit a resume?

When all is said and done, you want your job posting to encourage applicants to take things to the next level, whether that means applying for the job, forwarding the post to a friend, or thinking highly of your products. Let the brand itself do some of the heavy lifting to guide them along.


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