Integrate Applicant Tracking Software with Other Software Solutions

For HR managers and business owners, the drive to create more efficient and effective workplaces never ends. It’s what leads you to choose new solutions that help streamline any number of administrative or operational tasks.

Having the right technology can help you save time, and focus on key projects without getting lost in redundancies and extra paperwork. That includes having the right applicant tracking system (ATS), especially in an uncertain hiring market.  

Integrate applicant tracking software with other software solutions

Right now, the modern workforce is going through rapid changes. Businesses in nearly all sectors are looking for answers when it comes to:

  • Building flexibilities and norms for work-from-home employees
  • Finding ways to grow and respond to new market conditions
  • Introducing new systems and technology they can trust
  • Enhancing the way they recruit and onboard new hires 

An ATS such as myStaffingPro is built to support your efforts. What’s more, myStaffingPro integrates seamlessly with other solutions you may already be using to manage finances and inventory, complete payroll, handle accounting, and much more.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the key benefits that come when you add myStaffingPro to your existing suite of HR and operational solutions.

Keeping workers engaged is essential for every business, especially in an uncertain hiring environment. Our recent report, “The Employee Experience,” sheds light on a number of ways you can help workers engage with their work, no matter where they are in their career journey, or where they log in from on a daily basis.

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Finding top candidates during uncertain times

Even with uncertainties in hiring, many organizations will continue to focus on passive recruiting efforts. Doing so will help them stay engaged with potential candidates, for when it’s time to turn active recruiting engines back on.

Meanwhile, many organizations, especially in manufacturing, fulfillment, healthcare, and certain wholesale and retail sectors, find themselves actively recruiting right now, due to sudden market shifts. And, if you have to find top candidates, and fill essential positions quickly, having the right ATS is vital.

myStaffingPro is built to help you manage the hiring process from start to finish.

myStaffingPro supports your efforts to:

  • Communicate job requirements
  • Process applications
  • Screen candidates
  • Manage the interview process
  • Complete a paperless onboarding process

With the ability to oversee promotion, reporting, and candidate communications from a single interface, myStaffingPro helps HR teams and hiring managers get more done in less time.

And, if you’re concerned about syncing myStaffingPro with your existing payroll, accounting, or financial management software, you don’t have to worry: myStaffingPro integrates seamlessly with other essential HR and operational solutions. This includes, among other platforms and solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Here are three of the top ways myStaffingPro can help support HR professionals and hiring managers in the current hiring climate:

1. Improve the candidate experience

Hiring and retaining the best people starts with a smooth recruiting process. In many cases, workers mayl have multiple job offers or opportunities to choose from. myStaffingPro helps you power through the hiring process with professionalism and speed that candidates will appreciate.

  • myStaffingPro helps make it easier for candidates to apply for jobs, including mobile job applications
  • The software also makes it easier for candidates to monitor their application status, and receive communications back from you.
  • Internally, your team can quickly vet candidates, set up interviews, and manage internal and external communications about the candidate as necessary.  

2. Integrate applicant tracking and onboarding with other business processes

Today’s hiring process has multiple steps, from posting and promoting openings to processing candidates through the onboarding process.

  • The system can be configured to manage elements of employment screening, including background checks, verifying employment and educational histories, checking references, and even processing drug testing.
  • myStaffingPro helps ensure that you are able to track where people are in the process at all times.
  • Once you’ve made a successful hire, new employees need to submit several documents to complete a new hire paperwork process.

3. Take the lead in times of change

When change happens, many managers shift their focus toward how the change will affect their departments. At the same time, senior leaders might be more interested in planning for big-picture outcomes. That’s where HR can lead a number of critical pieces, including:

  • Communicating the steps that are related to pending changes
  • Partnering with change management professionals
  • Lending insight related to new solutions, including new software

Since no two organizations are the same, your ATS should easily configure to fit your unique workflows, along with aligning with existing software platforms.

As a fully integrated applicant tracking system, myStaffingPro pairs well with other HR and operational software, while supporting key business functions, including:

  • Improving your hiring process
  • Enhancing your onboarding process
  • Retaining top talent, and avoiding turnover

Right now, plenty of HR professionals, managers, and senior leaders are looking for ways to optimize recruiting and hiring. If you’re using Microsoft Dynamics GP, or another suite of workforce or operational software that doesn’t include applicant tracking, find out if myStaffingPro is the missing piece.

An ATS such as myStaffingPro can be a powerful investment in the current hiring environment. Are you searching for ways improve your recruiting strategy and enhance onboarding? Contact us today, and discover how myStaffingPro can help support your recruiting and onboarding efforts.  

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