Worst Interview Questions and Responses

Interviews can be a nerve-racking event in a person’s life. Especially when you aren’t exactly sure what will be asked. Job seekers can find advice and tips on how to present themselves during an interview, but do interviewers know what questions are offensive, inappropriate, and are just the worst interview questions you could ask? Here … Continue reading Worst Interview Questions and Responses

Are you passing the “Usability” test???

Can job seekers easily search and apply for job openings from anywhere at any time? Are these listings accessible to them? At the end of the day, when you've spent so much time and money to attract job seekers, the most important thing is to be accommodating.  With the changes in technology, people have become … Continue reading Are you passing the “Usability” test???

Show Your Company’s True Colors

What's a rainbow without all of its colors? What happens to ROY G BIV without the Y, the G, or even the V??? A company can't be successful or stand a chance against its competitors unless it shines bright with all of its colors.  The same applies to your online application process.  When it comes … Continue reading Show Your Company’s True Colors

5 Tips to Provide a Better Job Description

Companies can experience issues attracting applicants for several reasons, but for some, the biggest issue is not providing a clear job description. To help you out, I've outlined 5 important tips to deliver a better job description: The job title should be optimized for search engines (SEO). Meaning, you should use words that applicants are … Continue reading 5 Tips to Provide a Better Job Description

How Many Clicks to Apply?

Click...Click…Click…Click…Click…. This can go on and on and ON! Searching and applying online for jobs should be made simple and easy for job seekers. Instead of five or even six clicks just to reach an available position, maintaining a one to two click transition with no registration required will make job seekers happier and more … Continue reading How Many Clicks to Apply?

Build a Relationship

Connection, association, and involvement are words that define a relationship. Building relationships can include friendship, family, romantic, and professional. When it comes to professional relationships it's important for a company or business to connect with their clients and customers. This way, companies can achieve brand loyalty so that customers continue to use their products/services above … Continue reading Build a Relationship

myStaffingPro Contest: Submit an Image to Win!

1…2…3… CHEESE!!! (click!) We all know what this means, it's time to take that photo! I know some of us out there don't necessarily enjoy having our picture taken, but how much would you enjoy it if your picture could win you some big cash? Starting June 1st, myStaffingPro is hosting the myImage Contest. The … Continue reading myStaffingPro Contest: Submit an Image to Win!