Should I Text Job Candidates?

Should I text job candidates? That’s a question every business is asking. Texting Job Candidates Can Decrease Your Time-to-Fill Busy recruiters will often tell you that one of their biggest headaches is scheduling interviews.  Employers and hiring managers want to interview in bunches, on specific days, while candidates have their own schedules to consider.  Getting … Continue reading Should I Text Job Candidates?

Onboarding with an Eye Toward Employee Retention

Onboarding with an Eye Toward Employee Retention

When it comes to onboarding your newest hire, their first days, weeks and months on the job are critical to helping them build a strong foundation, and become an effective member of your team. Many new hires spend the first few weeks getting acquainted with coworkers, learning the ins and outs of the workspace, and … Continue reading Onboarding with an Eye Toward Employee Retention

Background Screening Job Applicants

Background Screening Job Applicants

Background screening job applicants is a best practice that may include confirming dates of employment, titles, positions held, and more comprehensive tests.

Prepare to Negotiate

Negotiating with Job Candidates

Negotiating with job candidates may be made easier by setting limits and preparing for potential negotiations before presenting the offer.

second interviews

Second Interview Tips & Tricks

Second interviews present unique challenges to employers. Discover what format a second interview should take, and what questions to ask.

What Interview Format Will You Follow When You Bring in Your Top Job Candidates?

By the time you’re ready to interview your top job candidates, you’ve probably dedicated quite a bit of energy to reviewing their skills, and understanding how their qualifications will match up with your job opening. And if you’ve been using your applicant tracking system (ATS) as a hub of information, then it’s likely that you’ve … Continue reading What Interview Format Will You Follow When You Bring in Your Top Job Candidates?

Building an Interview Checklist

Fill in the blank: as a hiring manager or member of HR, you find the interview process to be ____________. The two words we hear most frequently are “fun” and “daunting,” both of which make sense to us. On the fun side of things, it’s exciting to finally get beyond the resume and application material, … Continue reading Building an Interview Checklist