5 Questions to Obtain Employee Testimonials

When job candidates want to learn about your company, many go straight to your website or social media pages. In “The Future of Recruiting” study, 61% of those surveyed said they visit a company’s online presence before they apply for a job. And 67% of millennial job seekers review social media pages to discover your culture, … Continue reading 5 Questions to Obtain Employee Testimonials

Preventing Employee Turnover

Turnover happens, and some key employees are going to leave, whether for more money, a better work-life balance, new challenges, or another reason. And when hiring is on the uptick, quit rates typically follow suit, as recent Labor Department statistics point out. What is the cost of not preventing employee turnover? Trying to attach an … Continue reading Preventing Employee Turnover

3 Tips to Help You Retain Employees

How to retain employees is a question that every company asks, especially in a competitive hiring environment where job hopping is more common.

Onboarding Strategies Can Help Turn New Hires into Key Contributors

When you think about your newest hire, any number of things might go through your mind. Perhaps you’re wondering how well they’re handling their workload, if they’re connecting with coworkers, or if they’ve figured out the time & attendance software yet. But one issue that worries as many as 90% of leaders and executives—according to … Continue reading Onboarding Strategies Can Help Turn New Hires into Key Contributors

Pre-Onboarding Can Help Launch a Successful Onboarding Experience

Pre-Onboarding Can Help Launch a Successful Onboarding Experience

Pre-onboarding takes place immediately after your new hire signs their job offer. What can you do to make your employee’s first day a magic moment.

Should I Text Job Candidates?

Should I text job candidates? That’s a question every business is asking. Texting Job Candidates Can Decrease Your Time-to-Fill Busy recruiters will often tell you that one of their biggest headaches is scheduling interviews.  Employers and hiring managers want to interview in bunches, on specific days, while candidates have their own schedules to consider.  Getting … Continue reading Should I Text Job Candidates?