We are Thankful for You

This thanksgiving, we would like to thank all of our customers, partners, and friends for another great year at myStaffingPro. This year we have seen tremendous growth which has enabled us to expand our service, sales, and development teams. From our growing family to yours, we wish you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Without you, … Continue reading We are Thankful for You

Overcoming Applicant Tracking Frustrations

Recently, I saw a comment on twitter that applicant tracking systems should be renamed into requisition tracking systems.  Ouch!Unfortunately, in some situations this particular dig is true.I would argue that applicant tracking software has two limitations:User applicationSystem functionalitySometimes both of these limitations are in play and other times it is one or the other.  Before … Continue reading Overcoming Applicant Tracking Frustrations

Best ATS Ever – myStaffingPro

I'm a huge fan of The Food Network's show The Best Thing I Ever Ate.  The concept of the show is that chefs share with you the best thing that they ever ate so that you can then have the same experience. Yum; right! In my best attempt to recreate that show for you, I’ll be … Continue reading Best ATS Ever – myStaffingPro

Hiring Workflow Success is Just One Document Away

The hiring process often includes a number of stakeholders, methods, and tools. And even in the same company, hiring in one department can look much different than it does in another department. For some managers, the hiring workflow process starts the moment they realize they need a new worker—whether there’s an actual opening or not. … Continue reading Hiring Workflow Success is Just One Document Away

Implementation Frustrations

I can now fully understand your implementation frustrations. As the Director of Marketing, I'm trying to implement software to assist with our website.   Given my experience, I thought that I could handle implementing this software no problem.  (I mean, we implement hundreds of myStaffingPro applicant tracking clients a year, and they get along just … Continue reading Implementation Frustrations

Introducing Our New CSM, BJ

myStaffingPro has expanded their Client Services Team with two new team members.  Please welcome, BJ, and take a few minutes to get to know him. The elevator just closed and you’ve got 30 seconds to pitch the random reader on who you are and why they should read your rants. Why would someone not want … Continue reading Introducing Our New CSM, BJ

At Your Service

As a SaaS applicant tracking system, we are continuously upgrading and improving the system to achieve better results.  A side effect is the occasional support request.  These support requests come in all shapes, sizes, and level of importance.  They can range from user created issues such as miscommunication, forgotten password, incorrect message/email, or system hiccups.  … Continue reading At Your Service