Prepare to Negotiate

Negotiating with Job Candidates

Negotiating with job candidates may be made easier by setting limits and preparing for potential negotiations before presenting the offer.


How to Pre-Interview Job Candidates

Pre-interviewing job candidates before bringing them in for a full interview can speed up your time-to-fill. Discover how an ATS can help you narrow the field.

Designing a Resume Review Process

After all the work you’ve done to prepare, vet and post your job opening, then promote and share it with others, your applicant tracking system (ATS) has started to fill up. Depending on things like the size of your company, how well-known your brand is, and even what industry you’re in, there might be anywhere … Continue reading Designing a Resume Review Process

How Consumer Brands Inform Employer Brands

Whether your best candidates are currently employed or out-of-work, the uptick in the economy means that job applicants may be a little pickier than they were a year ago. Companies should have their recruiting mechanisms switched on at all times, whether they have an opening or not. To do so, more and more businesses are … Continue reading How Consumer Brands Inform Employer Brands

The Company and the Candidate: 3 Tips on Representing Your Brand During an Interview

  The morning of the interview, and there’s a mix of nerves and excitement in the air. By now, the candidate and the company have gotten to know each other a little. The candidate has filled out the job application, you’ve reviewed their qualifications and decided they’re someone whose skills and experience match the position, … Continue reading The Company and the Candidate: 3 Tips on Representing Your Brand During an Interview

Driving High Volume Recruiting Workflows

"As a staffing agency, we hire thousands of applicants a year. It was important to us to ensure compliance while reducing paperwork." Our local Spherion franchise screens more than 14,000 applicants a year. Before they implemented myStaffingPro applicant tracking system, they would accept paper applications, manually score a skills test, and suffer through an inconsistent … Continue reading Driving High Volume Recruiting Workflows

Reducing Recruiting Costs and Paperwork

"We had an entire room allocated for files. The amount of paperwork we had was astounding and made it difficult to retrieve, let alone analyze." Sound familiar? My first job out of college was at a regional staffing company. Granted it was more than a decade ago, but it was not uncommon for a recruiter … Continue reading Reducing Recruiting Costs and Paperwork