Overcoming Applicant Tracking Frustrations

Recently, I saw a comment on twitter that applicant tracking systems should be renamed into requisition tracking systems.  Ouch!Unfortunately, in some situations this particular dig is true.I would argue that applicant tracking software has two limitations:User applicationSystem functionalitySometimes both of these limitations are in play and other times it is one or the other.  Before … Continue reading Overcoming Applicant Tracking Frustrations

At Your Service

As a SaaS applicant tracking system, we are continuously upgrading and improving the system to achieve better results.  A side effect is the occasional support request.  These support requests come in all shapes, sizes, and level of importance.  They can range from user created issues such as miscommunication, forgotten password, incorrect message/email, or system hiccups.  … Continue reading At Your Service

Happy Applicants and myStaffingPro

Originally posted on our CIO's, Jennifer Brogee, blog.  Read her complete "Free to Live" blog at http://jenniferbrogee.wordpress.com/. As a society we don’t spend enough time celebrating a job well-done.  We are always pressing on the next goal, finding another need to fill, and rarely stop and say “good job!”. I keep a record of positive … Continue reading Happy Applicants and myStaffingPro

Tooting the myStaffingPro Horn

In an industry where it can sometimes feel like David vs. Goliath, I am proud to announce the myStaffingPro has had its best quarter to date. Ideas of why we have been so successful: Our customer service is second to none The candidate experience is the new black, and we've been modeling it since our … Continue reading Tooting the myStaffingPro Horn

5 Tips to Improve your Applicant Experience

This is the song that never ends, It just goes on and on, my friends. Some people started singing it not knowing what it was, And now they can't stop singing it forever just because... (repeat indefinitely) If this song gets on your nerves, then imagine how your applicants feel while completing a never ending … Continue reading 5 Tips to Improve your Applicant Experience

We Love Applicants!

This week, to celebrate Valentine's Day the myStaffingPro team would like to share the 10 ways that we love applicants. At myStaffingPro, we show our love for applicants by providing: Free live chat.  Applicants having trouble completing their application are only one click away from entering into a live chat session with one of our … Continue reading We Love Applicants!