Narrow Your Focus When Hiring

Narrowing your recruiting focus can help you identify, attract, and retain talented employees.

Hiring Contract and Gig Economy Workers

When you have an immediate staffing need, or need skills for special projects, hiring contract or gig workers can be the way to go.

Women working in retail

Five Tips To Help You Hire Temporary Holiday Workers

Holiday season also means hiring season for companies across the U.S. Right now, one hundred thousand seasonal workers are getting started with new jobs…and that’s just at Amazon. Meanwhile, enterprise-level companies like UPS, Kohl’s, Target and others are increasing their employee rosters by just as many workers, if not more. Hiring temporary holiday workers Small … Continue reading Five Tips To Help You Hire Temporary Holiday Workers

3 Tips to Help You Retain Employees

How to retain employees is a question that every company asks, especially in a competitive hiring environment where job hopping is more common.

Make Onboarding a Team Effort

Make Onboarding a Team Effort

Making onboarding a team effort helps align your new employee with their co-workers from day one. Find out how to form a mentoring program at your company.

Three Ways to Get More Out of Your Onboarding Program

3 Ways to Get More Out of Your Onboarding Program

Get more from onboarding by remembering the person you hired, training them on the right things, and making their first experiences memorable.