Does Your Job Application Have Abandonment Issues?

What if you knew that within the first hour of posting a job application, ten candidates started filling the application out? Pretty good, right? But what if we told you that six of those candidates QUIT filling out the application halfway through? Recent statistics suggest that this is what’s happening: as many as 60% of … Continue reading Does Your Job Application Have Abandonment Issues?

7 Tips for Writing a Job Posting Like a Pro

7 Tips for Writing a Job Posting Like a Pro

Job postings need to both comply with employment laws and reflect the culture of your company. Write your job posting like a pro.

Fill Your Talent Pipeline

Building a community of talent can help your recruiters attract the right people so that when an employment opportunity comes available, you have a pool of talented people to select from that are already engaged with your services and/or products. Instill your brand and culture throughout the community by integrating the corporate brand and culture … Continue reading Fill Your Talent Pipeline

Optimize Your Applicant Experience

Treat your candidates like customers. Making a great first impression is essential to the applicant experience. One of the best ways to do this is to focus on optimizing your recruiting process. Put yourself in the applicant's shoes by testing your application process:   Search for a job that your company is hiring for. How did … Continue reading Optimize Your Applicant Experience

Reduce the  Administrative Burden for Your HR Team

Your HR team's work is essential – from managing payroll to recruiting your company's next generation of talent, HR Executives and managers are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their human resources department. Unfortunately, many of the HR team processes are administratively intensive. With the right technology and tools in place you … Continue reading Reduce the  Administrative Burden for Your HR Team