Onboarding with an Eye Toward Employee Retention

Onboarding with an Eye Toward Employee Retention

When it comes to onboarding your newest hire, their first days, weeks and months on the job are critical to helping them build a strong foundation, and become an effective member of your team. Many new hires spend the first few weeks getting acquainted with coworkers, learning the ins and outs of the workspace, and … Continue reading Onboarding with an Eye Toward Employee Retention

Employee’s First Day: Stay Focused on Flexible

When we think back to memorable firsts, we tend to file them in one of two camps: memorable for good reasons, and memorable for reasons that are not so good. When it comes to a new employee’s first day, you definitely want them to file the day in the “good” category. After all, an employee’s … Continue reading Employee’s First Day: Stay Focused on Flexible

Onboarding: More than Just “Showing the New Kid Around”

Remember the jitters of starting at a new school? On your first day, an older student might have helped you figure out how to find your locker and follow shortcuts to beat the bell. But after that, you were on your own in a sea of strange new faces. As professionals, most of us can … Continue reading Onboarding: More than Just “Showing the New Kid Around”

Fast and Flexible Deployment: The Right On-Demand Solution

Your HR team's work is essential – unfortunately, many of the processes that your HR team oversees are administratively intensive. From managing payroll to recruiting your company's next generation of talent, HR managers and their administration teams need to ensure they are efficiently running their human resources department. With the right technology in place your … Continue reading Fast and Flexible Deployment: The Right On-Demand Solution

Evaluating Your ATS Options

Staffing is much more than filling seats. A recruiter’s key role is to build a talent pipeline. A comprehensive web-based applicant-tracking system can offer full-featured applicant tracking, candidate recruiting, and onboarding in one scalable, configurable solution. HR departments can use the application to work with staffing agencies in one shared strategy. First you must evaluate … Continue reading Evaluating Your ATS Options

Flexible and Scalable Onboarding

An important way that organizations can improve the effectiveness of their employee management system is through onboarding. Onboarding is the process of helping new hires adjust to their new job quickly and smoothly. According to the Society for Human Resource Management an effective onboarding system should follow the appropriate foundation of the 'Four C's', these … Continue reading Flexible and Scalable Onboarding

INFOGRAPHIC: Increasing Workplace Productivity

Because hiring is one of the top factors for a company’s success, having a robust applicant tracking system in place can help to ensure that your company overcomes that barrier and doesn’t fall into a statistic failure category. The infographic below explains how a comprehensive applicant tracking and recruiting system can help to increase your … Continue reading INFOGRAPHIC: Increasing Workplace Productivity