Convergence Here We Come

I can’t believe that this is our 5th year at the Microsoft Convergence trade show.  Time has really flown by.  It’s crazy to think that we started out as the newbie on the block, and we are now an ISV that has a robust Microsoft Dynamics® integration for recruiting and applicant tracking.  The two-way integration is the most robust recruiting option available for Microsoft Dynamics customers.  Case in point, the myStaffingPro Microsoft Dynamics integration includes:

  • Automatic Requisition Export – Maintain accurate and current requisition information with a continuous requisition export from myStaffingPro to Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Configurable Applicant Data Transfer – Determine when and what information is transferred to Microsoft Dynamics with myStaffingPro’s flexible integration options.
  • Microsoft Dynamics Import – Receive myStaffingPro data into the Human Resources (HR), Applicants, and/or Requisitions tables of Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Integration Administration – View the integration’s details and track the transfer status, date, and completion time.  If desired, the automatic transfer can be suspended and scheduled for a later date.
  • Customization – Add custom fields to myStaffingPro, and include the fields in the Microsoft Dynamics data transfer.

Want to see it for yourself?  Visit myStaffingPro at booth #2312 in New Orleans next week, or visit

Recruit Like a Dream with myStaffingPro 13.3

Since 1999, we have been perfecting the myStaffingPro applicant tracking system.  Thirteen years later, the system is still kicking butt by processing data, and providing a system of record to manage applicants and the hiring workflow.  Our latest release, 13.3, is focused on usability, rather than new gadgets.  Our CIO, and certified usability analyst, Jennifer Brogee forged the product development team into releasing usability enhancements for both the candidate experience and the user interface.

Candidates who are applying for positions at companies using myStaffingPro applicant tracking software will benefit from redesigned education and work history collection screens.  The design features:

  • Singular navigation that guides candidates to the next section
  • One-click access to edit or remove entries that were parsed from a resume or social networking profile

The new Add Requisition functionality provides one-click access to:

  • Select the preferred option to copy an existing requisition or create a new one
  • View all job descriptions available for use
  • Review and edit the job description template before applying it to the requisition
  • Preview the job-specific prescreening questions assigned to the job description
  • Change the set of prescreening questions assigned to the requisition

Want to see it for yourself?  Learn more about myStaffingPro applicant tracking system 13.3 at

Tooting the myStaffingPro Horn

In an industry where it can sometimes feel like David vs. Goliath, I am proud to announce the myStaffingPro has had its best quarter to date.

Ideas of why we have been so successful:

  1. Our customer service is second to none
  2. The candidate experience is the new black, and we’ve been modeling it since our inception (for  a quick how to, read our blog 5 tips to Improve your Candidate Experience)
  3. Our client services managers, aka implementation gurus, take a consultative approach to activating the customer’s myStaffingPro system.
  4. The myStaffingPro product development team is on fire with creating new enhancements.  In the second quarter alone, the product development team released a new widget-based homepage and made the online application process mobile-friendly.
  5. Buyers love the myStaffingPro blog and the marketing person associated with it (just checking to make sure that anyone is still reading this)
  6. Our CEO, Bob Schulte, made a lot of friends at NRA (R as in restaurant, not rifle), NRF, Microsoft Convergence, and SHRM trade shows
  7. The word on the street about myStaffingPro is picking up steam through our customer testimonials and success stories

Joking aside, we would like to thank all of our customers, ambassadors, partners, and employees for making the first half of 2011 a success.

All aboard for the second half of 2011.

A Concept Applicant Tracking System


If you’re like me, every year I get the new car bug after visiting and/or hearing the buzz from the Detroit Auto Show.  Some participants are practical and head over to scope out the new Jeep or Minivan, but my first stop is always the concept cars.

Every year I’m amazed at what the automakers showcase as their concept.  Concepts range from a  new style, technology, or just the downright bizarre to attract buzz.  If you were given unlimited resources, how would you construct your concept applicant tracking system?  What would you focus on?  Navigation, usability, flexibility?

2010 myStaffingPro Highlights

We would like to thank all of our clients for another year of success and recommendations. In 2010, we were able to expand upon the functionality of myStaffingPro applicant tracking system by using your recommendations as a guide.  Over the course of a year, we added the following functionality to myStaffingPro:

Free Enhancements:

  • Free job board posting to
  • New Appbuilder PDF with a cleaner design, faster loading time, and a logo
  • Ability to mass update applicants when filling a req
  • New resource center where you can read, search, and ask questions about myStaffingPro
  • Ability to keep hiring managers, recruiters, and other users “in the know” with requisition specific auto-emails
  • Functionality to email or import resumes into myStaffingPro
  • Ability to “clean up” myStaffingPro with the archive requisitions functionality
  • A free scheduling tool to manage appointments
  • Expanded questionnaire functionality to collect veteran and disabled status

New Modules and Updates:

  • Improved Offer Approval module with a new applicant approval portal and the ability to preview the offer letter
  • Enhanced HM QR portal that enables hiring managers to select a reason for deselecting the applicant
  • Functionality to assign multiple hiring managers to a requisition
  • New Global Prescreening module which enables you to deliver prescreening questions based on location
  • Ability to collect and process WOTC through our partner MAXIMUS
  • Re-release of the Employee Referral module with the expanded capability to upload and parse the applicant’s resume into the contact fields

Coming Soon:

  • Revamped Build a List of Applicants with a more flexible interface to select, sort, and limit by over 30 system fields
  • myMenu/Dashboard redesign with widget-driven tools

Curious about myStaffingPro? Contact us to learn how you can utilize these tools to hire the best applicants faster. For more information about the SaaS applicant tracking system, myStaffingPro, please visit

Online Portals That Will Revolutionize Your Hiring Process

Candidate Portal a.k.a. Your Career Site

One of the most important elements of your applicant tracking system, the Candidate Portal lists your job openings on your organization’s career site. With myStaffingPro, you get to choose the look and feel of your portal so candidates are comfortable with it as being a trusted part of your overall web site. From the portal, candidates can search for job openings, check the status of their application, or sign up to be notified for future openings. The Candidate Portal is the launching point for the online application – collecting the information that you want from your candidates, and creating an electronic application.

Internal Candidate Portal

The Internal Candidate Portal includes openings that only your internal applicants are eligible to apply for. You can choose to post jobs to just your Internal Candidate Portal, or to post them for a few days on the internal portal only, then to your external Candidate Portal. Your employees can check the status of their applications, or sign up to be notified when new postings are added to the portal.

Employee Referral Portal

The Employee Referral Portal leverages your best and most inexpensive source of applicants – your employees. How it works: Jobs that are available on your external Candidate Portal are also posted to your Employee Referral Portal. Your employees can then browse the jobs and submit potential candidates. When an employee submits a candidate, her name is tied to the application, so you can easily see who referred the new candidate. You have the option to either review the candidates or let myStaffingPro auto-email the candidates, inviting each one to fill out a complete electronic application. Either way, you can build reports identifying the referrals, so you can easily track and reward the employees who submitted candidates.

Hiring Manager Portal

With myStaffingPro’s Hiring Manager Portal, your hiring managers have access to only their own requisitions and candidates. You can customize the portal to give hiring managers the access they need – allowing them to enter feedback about an interview and request a background check, for example. Or, just give read-only access to hiring managers, so they can easily review the status of their applicants, and run reports. Flexible options allow you to configure the hiring manager portal around your specific hiring process.

New Hire OnBoarding Portal

Quickly and easily bring your new hires on board with the New Hire OnBoarding portal. New hires are invited to the portal via email. From the portal, they read information about the organization, step through W4 and I9 forms, review and sign documents, and enter additional information, such as emergency contacts. With myStaffingPro’s eSignature technology, new hires can legally, electronically sign documents, and the documents are stored in our secure document vault, with complete audit trail.

Vendor Portal

The Vendor Portal provides a simple and efficient way for your organization to work with external vendors such as recruiters. Each vendor is assigned a specific portal. You then choose which requisitions you want to push to which vendors. When a requisition is pushed to a vendor, an email with information regarding the new job opening is included. The vendor can then log into their portal to view additional information about the job opening and submit candidates. Candidates submitted are validated with a duplicate check, assigned the vendor as a source, and given a specific status. You can choose to be notified when each new candidate is submitted. Vendors appreciate the ease in submitting new candidates for consideration, and you save a ton of time!

Poorly Designed Online Applications Could Cost You!

Can you imagine what would happen to Amazon if 30% of their customers dropped out during checkout because they became frustrated with how difficult the process was or they couldn’t figure out how to complete the task?   Ama-zon would be Ama-gone!  Unfortunately, that’s about the number of applicants who typically fail to complete the online application process.

So, why are ATS applications so bad? Most are not designed with the job seeker/end-user in mind. This results in a very poor user experience that frustrates (worse yet even alienates) many job applicants. Here at myStaffingPro, we hope to change this by leveraging some of the same usability principles that have worked for successful eCommerce and Social Networking sites.

With the release of our new online application process, we’ve addressed several areas that typically degrade the applicant/user experience.

1. We built our search screen around the idea that one size does not fit all.

Maybe you like maps, maybe you like searches, or maybe you want to quickly find a job 5 minutes from your house. No problem, as we accommodate all types of applicants by giving them the flexibility to find jobs the way they want to find jobs.

2. Here’s what we know. People are impatient and they don’t like to fill out lengthy forms.
We’ve designed our application process with the applicant in mind. It allows us to collect some basic information up front to prequalify the applicant, and  then allow HR/Recruiter to invite qualified applicants to come back to complete more later. The benefit is we’ll only collect what we absolutely need when we absolutely need it.

3. Are you crazy about your unlimited texting?
No problem! When a job becomes available, we’ll email it, text it, and we’ll provide a way to track job openings via an RSS feed. We know that applicants are  free spirits and we won’t tie them to their email inbox!

4. Ever feel like nobody loves you?
We’ve made it easy to stay in touch so that job applicants don’t feel disenfranchised and disconnected.  Applicants  can stop in the middle of the application and return later to complete it, they can easily check their job status, watch videos online to see what the job is all about, and subscribe to future openings.   If applicants happen to get hung up during the online process, myStaffingPro will provide online technical support designed to get them on their way quickly.   In addition,  recruiters can stay in touch with hiring managers via text and email updates.  After all, your success is our success.

5. Have you ever been in an online application and felt lost without a map, GPS, or road signs?
It is common for an applicant to become disoriented after they are transferred around to different sites and vendors to complete different parts of the application. Not the case with myStaffingPro! We keep your company’s brand throughout the process; provide intuitive navigation, and instructions geared toward the specific job and company to which you are applying.

So, to those 30% of applicants who gave up on the job application and went to play with their cat instead, never fear. Help is on its way!!

To learn more on how you can “Stop the Applicant Suffering!” join myStaffingPro’s webinar on the 10 Steps to a Successful Candidate Application Process” on June 15th at 1pm.

myStaffingPro’s Onboarding Process Saves 120th tree!

As our document storage system reaches 1 million pieces of paper saved, we thought it would be interesting to look up the impact of that level of conservation:

  • 1,000,000 pages of documents stored electronically
  • 10,000 lbs of paper saved (20# sheet weight office paper)
  • 120 trees saved (24 trees per ton of paper)
  • $8,000 in paper saved (10 ream box @ $40 each)
  • $33,000 in printer cartridges saved (450 page yield cartridge @ $15 each)
  • $17,000 in filing cabinets saved (12,000 capacity cabinet @ $200 each)
  • $333,000 in wages to label and file (2 minutes per page at $10 per hour)

For more information on how you can save trees and money with  myStaffingPro applicant tracking system’s onboarding process, please contact us at 800-939-2462.

Use Text Messaging to Communicate Easily with Your Managers

Did you know you can use text messaging within myStaffingPro to quickly communicate with your managers?  With myStaffingPro’s Hiring Manager Quick Response, you can send requests for feedback to your hiring managers regarding one or more applicants.

Use Hiring Manager Quick Response to ask your managers which applicants they want to interview.  Or, request feedback from them after an interview has been completed.  Or both!  Our Hiring Manager Quick Response feature can be used for multiple phases of the hiring process.

With our Offer Approval workflow, you can also send requests for Offer Approval to your managers via email and text messaging, and let them easily review and approve or revise an offer.

Both features allow you, the HR professional, the ability to request information from your managers with just a few clicks.  Both features are compatible with smart phones and the iPhone.  All responses are recorded in myStaffingPro for easy review.  And when a deadline is missed, myStaffingPro sends friendly reminders!  No need for you to keep reaching out to your managers.

Integrating with myStaffingPro is Easy as Pie

Potential partners will find integrating with myStaffingPro applicant tracking system is easy as pie with their new Open Platform.  The myStaffingPro Open Platform provides partners with the information and resources they need to plug their solution into myStaffingPro.

The Open Platform provides partners with:

  • Technical specifications on how to integrate with myStaffingPro
  • Account information to beta test the integration
  • 24/7 access to review data transfer information

Upon completion, partners will also receive support from our marketing department to assist in communicating the new integration to each respective client base.  Our goal is to integrate myStaffingPro with best-in-class systems so that we can continue to provide our clients with a configurable end-to-end system.

If you are a vendor interested in integrating with myStaffingPro, please go to to request access to the Open Platform.