myStaffingPro’s Onboarding Process Saves 120th tree!

As our document storage system reaches 1 million pieces of paper saved, we thought it would be interesting to look up the impact of that level of conservation: 1,000,000 pages of documents stored electronically 10,000 lbs of paper saved (20# sheet weight office paper) 120 trees saved (24 trees per ton of paper) $8,000 in paper … Continue reading myStaffingPro’s Onboarding Process Saves 120th tree!

Use Text Messaging to Communicate Easily with Your Managers

Did you know you can use text messaging within myStaffingPro to quickly communicate with your managers?  With myStaffingPro's Hiring Manager Quick Response, you can send requests for feedback to your hiring managers regarding one or more applicants. Use Hiring Manager Quick Response to ask your managers which applicants they want to interview.  Or, request feedback … Continue reading Use Text Messaging to Communicate Easily with Your Managers

Integrating with myStaffingPro is Easy as Pie

Potential partners will find integrating with myStaffingPro applicant tracking system is easy as pie with their new Open Platform.  The myStaffingPro Open Platform provides partners with the information and resources they need to plug their solution into myStaffingPro. The Open Platform provides partners with: Technical specifications on how to integrate with myStaffingPro Account information to … Continue reading Integrating with myStaffingPro is Easy as Pie

Customer Feedback from SHRM

Cultivating a strong recruiter/hiring manager relationship is crucial if your goal within the organization is to be a well-respected recruiter.  Most Applicant Tracking System (ATS) vendors have focused a lot of energy on improving the applicant experience and the back-end “recruiter as a user” experience, but many have missed the mark when it comes to … Continue reading Customer Feedback from SHRM

Hassle Free Phone Interviews

For most employers, the intention of the phone interview process is to quickly screen potential employees without investing too much time or money.  However, a manual phone interview process can quickly turn into a resource black hole after all the planning, processing, and follow-up. Why Automate?  An automated process saves you from duplicate data entry … Continue reading Hassle Free Phone Interviews

Get by with a little help from your Recruiter Friends

Sometimes you need a little help from your recruiter friends to fill a position. myStaffingPro has a new Vendor Portal module that enables you to manage the submission of applicants by third party recruiters.  The module provides the ability to: Create and manage recruiter vendors Notify vendors of a new requisition Provide vendors with 24/7 … Continue reading Get by with a little help from your Recruiter Friends

Avoid Common I-9 Mistakes

Compliance with government regulations isn’t always easy. In the case of the Form I-9—Employment Eligibility Verification—your applicant tracking system (ATS) can help simplify things for you. What is the Form I-9? The Form I-9 is used to verify the identity and employment authorization of workers in the U.S., and has been around since the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. Here are some key things to know about the Form … Continue reading Avoid Common I-9 Mistakes