Should I Text Job Candidates?

Should I text job candidates? That’s a question every business is asking. Texting Job Candidates Can Decrease Your Time-to-Fill Busy recruiters will often tell you that one of their biggest headaches is scheduling interviews.  Employers and hiring managers want to interview in bunches, on specific days, while candidates have their own schedules to consider.  Getting … Continue reading Should I Text Job Candidates?

Background Screening Job Applicants

Background Screening Job Applicants

Background screening job applicants is a best practice that may include confirming dates of employment, titles, positions held, and more comprehensive tests.


How to Pre-Interview Job Candidates

Pre-interviewing job candidates before bringing them in for a full interview can speed up your time-to-fill. Discover how an ATS can help you narrow the field.

Designing a Resume Review Process

After all the work you’ve done to prepare, vet and post your job opening, then promote and share it with others, your applicant tracking system (ATS) has started to fill up. Depending on things like the size of your company, how well-known your brand is, and even what industry you’re in, there might be anywhere … Continue reading Designing a Resume Review Process

How to Reject Job Candidates

How you reject job candidates matters. Be strategic and answer in a way that shows you considered them, leaving the door open for future interaction.

Recruiting in the Gig Economy

With the economy on the uptick, many employers find themselves flush with openings, which means job candidates have more options to choose from than in recent years, and a little more control in the hiring process. There’s another wrinkle that’s helping to fuel the selective nature of job candidates: more of them are plunging into … Continue reading Recruiting in the Gig Economy

Should Employers List Job Salaries? And What Happens If You Don’t

It’s 10 a.m. and some job seekers are pulling out their smartphones. They tap their preferred job seeking app, enter a job title or keyword, and a location, then tap “search.” Two seconds later a stream of jobs appear on their screen; each result shares basically the same information: Logo Job title Company name Location … Continue reading Should Employers List Job Salaries? And What Happens If You Don’t