Three Tips to Help Build Successful Workgroups

Three Tips to Help Build Successful Workgroups

These three tips can help you build successful employee workgroups, and get more out of your talent.

Make Your Mobile Recruiting Efforts Worth a Candidate’s Time

With mobile recruiting increasing, companies with mobile-optimized career sites and applications stand out as top places to work. 

Brand Presence in a Job Posting: Give Your Brand a Shout

Anonymous job postings: we’ve all seen them. Some of us have even replied to them. Maybe one or two of us are using them right now as a recruitment tool. Sometimes, a company decides to use a third-party recruiter, and the recruiter’s brand appears in the job posting. Or the recruiting software you’re using doesn’t … Continue reading Brand Presence in a Job Posting: Give Your Brand a Shout

Need Help Identifying Your ATS Needs?

An effective recruiting, tracking and applicant system should assist your team, not run it. The three key improvements your team can benefit from are: Getting hiring done efficiently Identifying top candidates easily Onboarding new hires effectively To define how these criteria address your needs, you will need to identify the current problems you are facing … Continue reading Need Help Identifying Your ATS Needs?

What is Resume Parsing?

One key benefit of an applicant tracking system is the ability to use a feature called resume parsing. Essentially, resume parsing is used to read and extract information from a resume. There are several different types of resume parsing systems being used today. They are the keyword-based parser, grammar-based parser and the statistical parser. Keyword … Continue reading What is Resume Parsing?

Preparing for the Rise in Mobile Recruitment

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), mobile recruitment is on the rise. It's estimated that half of all traffic to career sites currently comes from mobile devices. Given the mobile usage statistics, it's unsurprising: the Pew Research Internet Project notes that 58% of Americans own a smartphone while 42% own a tablet. Job hunters now have … Continue reading Preparing for the Rise in Mobile Recruitment

Candidate Experience Gaining Speed

The Huffington Post recently published the article "4 Reasons Why Candidate Experience Matters" . It's a great article that outlines the importance of the candidate experience during the application process, and it even mentions the Candidate Experience Awards which are given out this week the HR Technology Conference. (Kudos to our customer, Midmark Corporation, for … Continue reading Candidate Experience Gaining Speed