5 Must-Attend Conferences for HR Recruiters in 2017

HR Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Conferences are a great chance to learn and become an expert in the industry, as well as network with like-minded professionals. myStaffingPro recommends 5 popular and well-attended HR recruitment and talent acquisition conferences taking place in 2017.


Talent Management Conference & Expo – April 24-26, 2017 – Chicago, IL
SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition – June 18-21, 2017 – New Orleans, LA
Linkedin Talent Connect – October 3-5, 2017 – Nashville, TN
HR Technology – October 10-13, 2017 – Las Vegas, NV
Recruiting Trends – November 29-December 1, 2017 – West Palm Beach, FL


*Talent Management Conference & Expo: April 24-26, 2017
Talent Management is the annual conference hosted by SHRM that focuses on recruiting and talent acquisition. There are over 70 sessions that cover a range of topics including compliance, recruiting, metrics and analytics, leadership, and engagement/retention. This is one of the premier conferences to attend if your focus is onboarding and recruitment.

There is also a great opportunity to table or learn about software solutions specific to the HR recruiting industry. At about 1,000 attendees, Talent Management is big enough to make it worthwhile for sales and marketing opportunities, but small enough to really focus on your talent acquisition specialty. This year’s central setting in Chicago should bring together a good mix of exhibitors and attendees from across the country.


*SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition: June 18-21, 2017
SHRM is the epicenter of the HR conference universe, with over 15,000 HR professionals attending. A large conference that is jam-packed full of events, attendees find themselves scrambling to see everything they want to see.

With over 200 sessions, the large crowd, and the huge conference hall, SHRM is perfect for both education, networking, and direct sales. This year the conference host city is New Orleans, which should make this year’s conference uniquely entertaining.


Linkedin in Talent Connect: October 3-5, 2017
LinkedIn’s conference catering exclusively to HR professionals in the recruitment and talent fields has grown to almost 4,000 attendees. This year’s Nashville location in early Fall looks to be another big-hitter. InTalent benefits from strong keynotes year after year, with excellent networking opportunities for up-and-coming professionals.

As you would expect, social platform giant LinkedIn also uses their conference as an opportunity to showcase their newest products and services.


*HR Technology: October 10-13, 2017
HR Technology is again poised as one of the largest gatherings of HR professionals again this year. Although the conference is called HR Technology, it’s focus is on the products and solutions that drive the success of HR technology, not necessarily the technology itself.

HR Technology is being hosted at the Venetian in Las Vegas, which adds to the sizzle of the conference. In its 20th year, HR Tech is a stalwart in the HR circuit.

This conference showcases many of the latest products and solutions in the HR industry, presented by companies across the U.S. Attendance at HR Technology was around 8,500 in 2016, with similar numbers expected for the 2017 conference.


Recruiting Trends Conference, November 29-December 1, 2017
Let’s face it, the West Palm Beach location of Recruiting Trends at the end of November is one of the better-looking destinations. Match that with the Talent Acquisition Tech conference taking place in the same space and this might be the year to attend.

Recruiting Trends is chock-full of peer-to-peer workshops and educational sessions that can help benefit your career. When you have a free moment, you’ll want to skip over the exhibit hall to see the technological eye-candy that Talent Acquisition will be hustling.

*myStaffingPro will be attending these conferences in 2017.

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Recruiting Software vs. Employment Agencies: Which is More Cost-Effective

Many companies struggle with the decision about whether to recruit employees themselves, using recruitment software or other tools, or whether to simply hire an employment agency to do the work for them.  Let’s look at some of the factors that come into play.

1. Time to Hire:  Recruitment Software vs. Employment Agency

Winner – Employment Agency

The perception of most hiring managers is that the fastest way to a hire is through an employment agency. This may or may not be true. Employment agencies are incentivized to fill a role as quickly as possible, while your own HR team rarely receives the same monetary rewards.  If there is a strong business case to fill a position quickly, an employment agency may be your quickest route to a hire, but remember, the cost of agency hires can quickly add up.  Agencies look to get the highest rates possible for their candidates, and their own markups can go as high as 75%.

2. Candidate Quality: Recruitment Software vs. Employment Agency

Winner – Even

While in theory, an employment agency takes great care to vet potential candidates, modern economics are bringing that theory more into question. Employment agencies are more likely to be clamoring for your business than more job candidates—and they’re likely using their own recruitment software to get them. Many employment agencies put out a cattle call any time a job opening appears, force candidates to make their case for the job, and then spam resumes to your hiring manager or HR team.  While it might be nice to quickly have a dozen resumes on your desk, the candidate quality may not be any higher than if you’d done the search yourself.


Ready to Bring Your Hiring In-House?

myStaffingPro is the premier applicant tracking software for HR professionals. Recruit candidates, seamlessly flow applicants through interviews and background checks, and onboard new employees with our trusted software solution.

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Transition from Offer to Onboard: Recruiting Software vs. Employment Agency

Winner – Recruitment Software

Many companies that use an employment agency to speed up their hire time lose that time during the onboarding process.  If you’ve made a hire in-house, you’ve already collected resumes, job history, and other data that your HR team will need to complete the hire and get your employee transitioned.  If you’re working with an agency, though, you’re starting from scratch.  To make matters worse, you now have a middleman you need to work through—whose work is now done after they’ve made the “sale” —which often unexpectedly delays a start date.  And of course, your team has to finalize the contract with the employment agency—a more complex transaction than a direct hire.

4. Overall Cost: Recruiting Software vs. Employment Agency

Winner – Recruitment Software

Consider for a moment the overall cost of hiring employees through employee agencies vs. purchasing recruiting software.  While agency markups vary, an average markup of 40% is not uncommon.  Let’s say your company hires 10 new employees in a year, at an average salary of $60,000.  The additional cost of hiring those employees through an agency is $240,000/year.

The cost of even the highest-end recruitment software falls far short of that yearly figure.  While you might have to grow your in-house team slightly to handle the additional demands of  recruiting—the software itself softens that load through social media recruitment features, automatic job board posting, digital data gathering, pre-screening, and workflow systems that guide employees through the onboarding process.

None of this means you should never use a staffing agency, but adding an applicant tracking system to your HR suite is almost always a worthwhile investment, and gives you the control.

myStaffingPro is a best-of-class applicant tracking system backed by Paychex, a 3 billion-dollar company. Our software is cloud-based, which means it’s constantly being updated and improved.

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From Paper Resume to Online Job Application

From Paper Resumes to Online Job Applications

How Do You Know It’s Time to Shift?

Move to Online Job Applications When You’re Overwhelmed with Paper Resumes

If your business has grown to the point where you’re getting hundreds of paper resumes for every job posting you list, it might be time to consider an applicant tracking system (ATS).

An ATS allows you to create online job applications that can be posted on both job boards and your own website.  Job applicants can fill information into a web-based form, upload cover letters and resumes, or import information from sites like LinkedIn.

HR administrators can then set up their applicant tracking system to pre-screen or score applicants based on lawful criteria applicable to the position. Some systems utilize keywords to help locate candidates with specific hard-to-find skills.

Tired of Paper Resumes?

Ready to Implement Online Job Applications?

myStaffingPro is the premier applicant tracking software for HR professionals. Recruit candidates, seamlessly flow applicants through interviews, the hiring process, and onboard new employees with our trusted software solution.


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Shift to an Online Job Application System When Your Competitors are Getting All the Best Employees

If your company is growing but having difficulty filling roles in your IT department, or other highly competitive job functions, it might be time to expand your reach through an applicant tracking system.

75% of large corporations use an ATS to automatically post job openings to all the major online job boards. Most powerful ATS software suites include social broadcasting functionality, allowing you to advertise hard-to-fill open positions to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Social media channels and online job boards can then be used to automatically funnel prime candidates to your mobile-optimized job application.  Active and busy applicants can quickly apply for jobs on-the-go.

When Hiring Is Taking Too Long, Online Job Applications Make Your Workflow Smoother

As your company grows, the process of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding a new employee can get more complicated and take longer. Overall company productivity can decline if job requisitions take too long to fill.

Powerful applicant tracking systems like myStaffingPro allow you to streamline your HR processes, so that applicants can smoothly be transitioned through initial recruitment, interviews, salary negotiation and hire, and onboarding.  By allowing all involved parties—the hiring manager, your HR team, and payroll—to see where the applicant is in the process, new hires should transition more quickly from newbie to productive employee: helping to save your company both time and money.



Want to See a Best-of-Class Applicant Tracking System in Action?

myStaffingPro is a best-of-class applicant tracking system backed by Paychex, a 3 billion-dollar company. Our software is cloud-based, which means it’s always being updated to keep it at the forefront of technology.

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We’re Evolving Our Human Capital Strategies @SHRM Talent Management Conference!

myStaffingPro will be at the SHRM Talent Management Conference

Join us along side thousands of HR professionals at the SHRM Talent Management Conference & Exposition in Orlando, Florida on April 18th-20th.

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