Talent Management: Suite or Standalone

Talent management software combines human resources practices and information technology to facilitate recruiters and managers in providing HR functions to employees, applicants, and to the organization as a whole. Due to the widespread use of human resources software, numerous applications have been developed. Most of them can be broadly categorized into standalone software or a … Continue reading Talent Management: Suite or Standalone

5 Reasons Why Mega-Software Isn’t Better

The talent management industry is abuzz with new acquisitions and mergers. The hot trend is that bigger is better.  However, much like my waistline, I find that too much isn't always a good thing. 5 Reasons Why Bigger Isn't Better: Just because the software is listed under the same name, it  doesn't mean that it … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Mega-Software Isn’t Better

Applicant Tracking Laser Focus

myStaffingPro is focused on applicant tracking.  We recognize that we COULD create our own HRIS or performance management system, but the end solution would be "just ok".  Frankly, there are already enough "just ok" talent management suites.  So rather than being everything, we are being ourselves, an applicant tracking system vendor. BUT, that’s not all … Continue reading Applicant Tracking Laser Focus

Diagnosis: You have Applicant Tracking F.U.D.

Symptoms of F.U.D (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) in the applicant tracking system buying process include: Fear of: Vendor mergers and acquisitions Data security and accessibility Uncertainty over: Change Moving your information into another system and/or the cloud Taking away your paper security blanket Doubt in: Timeline Capabilities Achieving a smooth transition Executive and/or Hiring Manager … Continue reading Diagnosis: You have Applicant Tracking F.U.D.

I’m Like Forget You

According to the recent Bersin Study “Talent Acquisition Systems 2011: Market Realities, Implementation Examples and Solution Provider Profiles” only 42% of respondents will renew their talent acquisition system contract.  Of the remaining respondents, 26% were unsure and 32% said no. Why? Usability Implementation time Partnership relationship/integration issues Configurability What do you think about your talent … Continue reading I’m Like Forget You

10 Tips for Buying an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Before you sign on the dotted line, do your research to make sure that you are getting exactly what you bargained for.  Below I've outlined my 10 tips to buying an applicant tracking system (ATS). Don't believe the hype!  Spending millions in marketing might make a particular system popular, but it doesn't always make it … Continue reading 10 Tips for Buying an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Preparing your Staff for a New Applicant Tracking System

Congratulations, you've purchased a new ATS!  Besides your recruiters, who will care?   Well, as it turns out, everyone!  Before you get ambushed with questions, prepare your staff by answering these FAQs. Executives How will this help the bottom line? How long has this vendor been in business?  Are they stable? Legal What are applicants completing, … Continue reading Preparing your Staff for a New Applicant Tracking System