Applicant Tracking Treats

This Halloween, treat yourself to something delicious with myStaffingPro applicant tracking system. Although we aren't made of candy corn, or even pumpkin, myStaffingPro does offer these delicious treats: Mobile career site that allows applicants to apply with their mobile phone Social media tools that enable recruiters to share openings, and applicants to parse information into … Continue reading Applicant Tracking Treats

Candidate Experience Gaining Speed

The Huffington Post recently published the article "4 Reasons Why Candidate Experience Matters" . It's a great article that outlines the importance of the candidate experience during the application process, and it even mentions the Candidate Experience Awards which are given out this week the HR Technology Conference. (Kudos to our customer, Midmark Corporation, for … Continue reading Candidate Experience Gaining Speed

Candidate Experience – A Year Later

It’s been almost a year since the candidate experience awards were announced.  What have you done to rejuvenate and improve upon your candidate experience? -        Do you survey candidates to ask about their experience? -        Do you acknowledge candidates throughout the hiring process? -        Do you connect with candidates on social media? Before another year … Continue reading Candidate Experience – A Year Later

Mobile Returns Big Numbers for Addus Healthcare

You've heard that providing a mobile application process is important, but just how important is it? According to Addus Healthcare, 44% of their candidates applied using a mobile device. 44%! How do they do it? Addus Healthcare uses myStaffingPro applicant tracking system's mobile candidate process. The mobile application process features: Pages that are scaled to … Continue reading Mobile Returns Big Numbers for Addus Healthcare

Are you passing the “Usability” test???

Can job seekers easily search and apply for job openings from anywhere at any time? Are these listings accessible to them? At the end of the day, when you've spent so much time and money to attract job seekers, the most important thing is to be accommodating.  With the changes in technology, people have become … Continue reading Are you passing the “Usability” test???

Your Applicant Tracking System Ate My Resume

Muhahahahahahaha.  The evil and mighty applicant tracking system is still squashing applicants' hopes of being hired.  Although there are a slew of quality applicant tracking systems, like myStaffingPro, those with a poor candidate experience give the entire industry a bad rap.  Typically speaking, the candidate experience is a pain point because applicants feel like they … Continue reading Your Applicant Tracking System Ate My Resume

Sneak Peek into New myStaffingPro Onboarding System

Yesterday I got a sneak peek at the new myStaffingPro onboarding, and I have to say, I'm IMPRESSED! Our current onboarding process has always been good, but this new release provides more management tools so that adjustments can be made more readily. In addition, the candidate experience is off the charts. First of all, say … Continue reading Sneak Peek into New myStaffingPro Onboarding System