Applicant-Tracking – What Matters Most?

In the world of applicant tracking, what matters most? The answer to that question is simple - flexibility! Having a customized talent management system is essential to the continued development and growth of your business. Without it, you’re basing your talent and human resource activities on a stagnant system.  Which can place your company at risk … Continue reading Applicant-Tracking – What Matters Most?

Using Social Media Recruiting to Meet Your 2014 Staffing Goals

Social media recruiting is an increasingly important trend for recruiters. Social channels allow HR professionals and business owners to boost the signal on open positions, cultivate candidate pools, and simplify employee referral programs. Here are best practices for any company contemplating social recruiting campaigns. Social media recruiting is a major trend. According to a recent … Continue reading Using Social Media Recruiting to Meet Your 2014 Staffing Goals

Where Have All the Monkeys Gone?

Watching the Super Bowl this weekend I wondered, what happened to the goofy monkeys and the other job board ads? Since the monkeys hit the scene in 2007, the recruiting landscape has changed dramatically.  myStaffingPro alone expanded their recruiting offering to include free job posting to: Facebook Twitter Indeed SimplyHired Trovit Bright Glassdoor How do … Continue reading Where Have All the Monkeys Gone?

Top myStaffingPro Blog Posts

Happy New Year!  Before we completely move on, I'd like to share our top five posts of all time.  Enjoy! Post your Job Openings to Twitter and Facebook Top 10 Free Ways to Advertise Your Job Openings What can you get for $400? What is your Offer Approval Process? Tools for Employee Referrals

Recruiting Techniques for Facebook

Recruiting techniques using social media employs an entirely different approach than that of traditional recruiting methods. There is a vast cyber landscape of thousands of job seekers and passive applicants to tap into, who are all using the Internet. Facebook Social Media Business Profile First and foremost, ensure that the company or business recruitment page … Continue reading Recruiting Techniques for Facebook

Recruiting Techniques for Facebook

It's no secret that social media is on the rise. Internet users are implementing websites like Facebook for a plethora of reasons, and searching for jobs has become commonplace. In fact, nearly 50 percent of job searchers have used Facebook for finding a job within the last year. Consequently, Facebook is now considered to be … Continue reading Recruiting Techniques for Facebook

Using Social Media to Recruit Applicants

Although social media started out as a tool for non-business communication, it has rapidly exploded onto the business scene. Today, social media is not only a tool for branding and customer communication but is also an excellent tool for acquiring new talent. As a new recruiting media, it brings a number of advantages and challenges … Continue reading Using Social Media to Recruit Applicants