29 Reasons to Love myStaffingPro ATS

Recruiting features Social media tools to share job openings and provide one-click access to apply from LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook Job distribution to search engines and more than 25,000 partner sites Network building through employee referrals and vast communication tools Career site branding, optimization, and accessibility through multiple web browsers and mobile devices Tracking for … Continue reading 29 Reasons to Love myStaffingPro ATS

The BEST Applicant Tracking System

Throughout the web, I continuously see the question "who is the best applicant tracking system".   Instead of going completely sales/marketing on them, I always try to respond "it depends"! Although myStaffingPro is FABULOUS, (sorry, couldn't help myself) we are not the perfect solution for everyone.  If there were one magic solution, then there wouldn't … Continue reading The BEST Applicant Tracking System