How to Obtain Interview Feedback

In the myriad of the interview process, sometimes communication gets lost. Or the feedback is so convoluted that you have no real idea of what the hiring manager thought about the applicant. Or it is so unstructured that you have no idea who is the top applicant. Enter in myStaffingPro's hiring manager feedback form. The … Continue reading How to Obtain Interview Feedback

Happy Applicants and myStaffingPro

Originally posted on our CIO's, Jennifer Brogee, blog.  Read her complete "Free to Live" blog at As a society we don’t spend enough time celebrating a job well-done.  We are always pressing on the next goal, finding another need to fill, and rarely stop and say “good job!”. I keep a record of positive … Continue reading Happy Applicants and myStaffingPro

Geek Talk Wrap-Up

Originally posted on August 10,2011 on myStaffingPro's CIO, Jennifer Brogee, blog myStaffingPro held its first ever Geek Talk on Tuesday, August 4th.  Geek Talk is a conference call/ webinar in which myStaffingPro customers or prospects can chat with the developers behind the software. From past research, we have found that as many as a third … Continue reading Geek Talk Wrap-Up

Use Text Messaging to Communicate Easily with Your Managers

Did you know you can use text messaging within myStaffingPro to quickly communicate with your managers?  With myStaffingPro's Hiring Manager Quick Response, you can send requests for feedback to your hiring managers regarding one or more applicants. Use Hiring Manager Quick Response to ask your managers which applicants they want to interview.  Or, request feedback … Continue reading Use Text Messaging to Communicate Easily with Your Managers