3 Tips for Hiring a Payroll Software Specialist

Hiring a payroll specialist today demands finding candidates with a high level of technical savvy and software experience. According to Software Advice, 83 percent of job advertisements for payroll specialists required some degree of software knowledge for the position. Companies of varying sizes are increasingly relying on payroll software. As a result, companies are hiring … Continue reading 3 Tips for Hiring a Payroll Software Specialist

New Year, New Minimum Wages

Are you ready for the New Year? Effective January 1, 2015, the minimum wage rate will increase for the following states: State Minimum Wage Rate Alaska $8.75 Arizona $8.05 Arkansas $7.50 Colorado $8.23 Connecticut $9.15 Florida $8.05 Hawaii $7.75 Maryland $8.00 Massachusetts $9.00 Missouri $7.65* Montana $8.05 Nebraska $8.00 New Jersey $8.38 New York $8.75 … Continue reading New Year, New Minimum Wages

Benefit from Recruiting Process Compression

Does your recruiting process suffer from process bloat? Is there so much lag time that even the most straightforward hire goes on and on and on? Shrinking the lag time between recruiting steps can help you compress your hiring process without sacrificing due diligence or quality of hire. 5 Ways to Compress your Recruiting Process: … Continue reading Benefit from Recruiting Process Compression

5 Tips to Provide a Better Job Description

Companies can experience issues attracting applicants for several reasons, but for some, the biggest issue is not providing a clear job description. To help you out, I've outlined 5 important tips to deliver a better job description: The job title should be optimized for search engines (SEO). Meaning, you should use words that applicants are … Continue reading 5 Tips to Provide a Better Job Description

Using Social Media to Recruit Applicants

Although social media started out as a tool for non-business communication, it has rapidly exploded onto the business scene. Today, social media is not only a tool for branding and customer communication but is also an excellent tool for acquiring new talent. As a new recruiting media, it brings a number of advantages and challenges … Continue reading Using Social Media to Recruit Applicants

Avoid the BSOD in the Candidate Experience

In my opinion, the best feature that Word introduced was auto-recovery.  Back in the old days when you would be working on a project and receive the blue screen of death (BSOD) you would lose everything.  And I mean everything.  Appropriately named, the BSOD would force you to restart.  Hours of hard work would be … Continue reading Avoid the BSOD in the Candidate Experience