HR Combo: Announcing HR in the Cloud

Would you like fries, drink, and a cone with your applicant tracking system? myStaffingPro has always been the Burger King of applicant tracking systems where customers can configure and customize the software to "their way". In addition to the vast configuration options and modules available in myStaffingPro, customers can expand their functionality with integrations to … Continue reading HR Combo: Announcing HR in the Cloud

Geek Talk Wrap-Up

Originally posted on August 10,2011 on myStaffingPro's CIO, Jennifer Brogee, blog myStaffingPro held its first ever Geek Talk on Tuesday, August 4th.  Geek Talk is a conference call/ webinar in which myStaffingPro customers or prospects can chat with the developers behind the software. From past research, we have found that as many as a third … Continue reading Geek Talk Wrap-Up

7 Signs that you are a HR Tech Laggard

You are accepting paper applications.  Enough said.  Stop the insanity!  Applicant tracking systems have come down considerably in price, and they allow your applicants to apply via mobile phone, web, and telephone. Requisition approval consists of you yelling down the hallway to the VP. You are trying to figure out how to tweet myFacebook and … Continue reading 7 Signs that you are a HR Tech Laggard