4 Types of Flexible HR Software

Due to the rapid change of pace within the workplace, organizations are constantly looking for ways to keep up with the demands. HR software can unify business needs with administrative expectations. Below are 4 types of HR software that can provide your business with the flexibility it needs to meet the demands of your company as well … Continue reading 4 Types of Flexible HR Software

HR Technology – Just Around the Corner

How is it October already?Next week, myStaffingPro be leaving the fall allergies behind to exhibit at HR Technology in Las Vegas.  Stop by booth #1509 to learn about our new onboarding experience for applicants.  Our revamped onboarding solution is one of the select few up for the Top HR Products of 2013 Awards!  Award winners … Continue reading HR Technology – Just Around the Corner

Candidate Experience – A Year Later

It’s been almost a year since the candidate experience awards were announced.  What have you done to rejuvenate and improve upon your candidate experience? -        Do you survey candidates to ask about their experience? -        Do you acknowledge candidates throughout the hiring process? -        Do you connect with candidates on social media? Before another year … Continue reading Candidate Experience – A Year Later

The CandEs

Last night was the impressive the 2012 North American Candidate Experience Awards Gala.  The event, which was held at the Bistro 151 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, celebrated the importance of the candidate experience during the hiring process and recognized companies that deliver an excellent experience. This year, we were honored to be a silver … Continue reading The CandEs

Tradeshow Season is Upon Us

October. To some it is Halloween, pumpkins, and football. Although there is A LOT of football in my household, to me, this time of year is show time. In the upcoming weeks, the myStaffingPro sales team will be hitting Chicago, Fort Worth, Orlando, and Charlotte. First up, is the HR Technology Conference in Chicago on … Continue reading Tradeshow Season is Upon Us

Get Real & Rate Your Candidate Experience

Originally posted on myStaffingPro’s CIO blog http://jenniferbrogee.wordpress.com. If you want to get real about your candidate experience, ask yourself these questions about your hiring process: Do my job postings contain complete information about the duties of the job, the requirements, and the conditions of the job in easy to read language? Do I communicate the length … Continue reading Get Real & Rate Your Candidate Experience

Reach Out and Touch Your Candidates

Ok, maybe not literally.  I don’t want to letter from the your legal team.  But, candidates are airing their frustrations with the application process and HR is taking notice.  Case in point, this year at the annual HR Technology Conference, the first Candidate Experience Awards were given to 24 companies with 5 receiving special recognition. During … Continue reading Reach Out and Touch Your Candidates