Hiring Workflow Success is Just One Document Away

The hiring process often includes a number of stakeholders, methods, and tools. And even in the same company, hiring in one department can look much different than it does in another department. For some managers, the hiring workflow process starts the moment they realize they need a new worker—whether there’s an actual opening or not. … Continue reading Hiring Workflow Success is Just One Document Away

Implementation Frustrations

I can now fully understand your implementation frustrations. As the Director of Marketing, I'm trying to implement software to assist with our website.   Given my experience, I thought that I could handle implementing this software no problem.  (I mean, we implement hundreds of myStaffingPro applicant tracking clients a year, and they get along just … Continue reading Implementation Frustrations

myStaffingPro Review by River Valley Bank

We asked River Valley Bank's HR Specialist, Linda Derocher, what she thought about myStaffingPro applicant tracking system. What is your experience with using an applicant tracking system? Using myStaffingPro was the first experience I had with using an applicant tracking system.  I love it!  The electronic application process we formally used was ineffective, cumbersome, and … Continue reading myStaffingPro Review by River Valley Bank

Spooked by Applicant Tracking?

Answer our survey to tell us why you are spooked by applicant tracking. If you are ready to overcome your fear, contact one of our knowledgeable myStaffingPro sales representatives to see how we can help out!

Avoid Post Purchase Meltdown

Congratulations, you’ve selected an applicant tracking system (ATS)! Now what? To help you have a  smooth transition from purchase to implementation, we have created a typical list of tasks and items needed to get you started. Task Items Needed Creating the job opening Create your job descriptions and determine what information should be displayed to … Continue reading Avoid Post Purchase Meltdown

Prepare to be Prepared

"Before we get started on our training session today, have you had a chance to look over the materials I sent to you?" asked the Trainer.  "No, I have not but let's go ahead and get started - I can always look over the materials later," the client responded. *Sigh* Unfortunately, this type of scenario … Continue reading Prepare to be Prepared