5 Questions to Obtain Employee Testimonials

When job candidates want to learn about your company, many go straight to your website or social media pages. In “The Future of Recruiting” study, 61% of those surveyed said they visit a company’s online presence before they apply for a job. And 67% of millennial job seekers review social media pages to discover your culture, … Continue reading 5 Questions to Obtain Employee Testimonials

We’re Evolving Our Human Capital Strategies @SHRM Talent Management Conference!

Join us along side thousands of HR professionals at the SHRM Talent Management Conference & Exposition in Orlando, Florida on April 18th-20th. The SHRM Talent Management Conference & Exposition is the foremost event for recruiters and talent management professionals, solely served to educate, make new connections, network with old friends and enhance your human capital skills. With over 1,000 … Continue reading We’re Evolving Our Human Capital Strategies @SHRM Talent Management Conference!

What is Resume Parsing?

One key benefit of an applicant tracking system is the ability to use a feature called resume parsing. Essentially, resume parsing is used to read and extract information from a resume. There are several different types of resume parsing systems being used today. They are the keyword-based parser, grammar-based parser and the statistical parser. Keyword … Continue reading What is Resume Parsing?

Top 10 Best Practices for Onboarding

Paperwork is only a drag when you are left in the dark. New hires may not understand what forms they need to fill out. In addition, a busy HR Manager or Hiring Manager's instruction may only be: "Complete these." Here are the top 10 ways onboarding software can help your new hires comply with onboarding: … Continue reading Top 10 Best Practices for Onboarding

Set Expectations with Onboarding

Business systems and processes do matter. A structured way of doing business subconsciously communicates a tone for efficiency and productivity. The opposite is also true. If your company is flying by the seat of its pants, sending out multiple emails with form attachments to complete, or sticking new hires in an empty conference room with … Continue reading Set Expectations with Onboarding

Get Forms Completed with Onboarding

Missing paperwork could be costly. Some new hire forms may be required to comply with government regulations. Other new hire forms are completed to ensure new hires are aware of company policies. An onboarding software is an easy-to-use tool that facilitates the tracking of completed forms, thereby enforcing a process for consistency and compliance. Let's … Continue reading Get Forms Completed with Onboarding

Help to Reduce No Shows with Onboarding Software

There may be a lag from the day your new hire accepts your offer to their actual start date. This could be because the new hire has to give two weeks' notice at their current job, or the hiring manager is on PTO. Whatever the reason may be, a lag in the start date can … Continue reading Help to Reduce No Shows with Onboarding Software