The Four C’s of Onboarding

In this onboarding report, “Onboarding New Employees: Maximizing Success,” the SHRM Foundation laid out what it sees are the Four C’s of onboarding: Compliance – An onboarding system gathers the required new hire paperwork in one spot. The singular process drives compliance by ensuring that fields are completed and that the signed documents are stored … Continue reading The Four C’s of Onboarding

What Happens During Onboarding?

The simplest way to define onboarding is that it’s the official process of welcoming new employees into an organization. And as most hiring managers and HR professionals know, an integrated onboarding experience goes way beyond just filling out forms and showing your new hire around the workplace. Today, more companies recognize the link between onboarding … Continue reading What Happens During Onboarding?

Electronic Onboarding without IT

As soon as HR Managers hear about a new “system” or “software,” they immediately think the IT department has to reconfigure every desktop in the organization. With an online onboarding solution, you are tapping into a “no maintenance” Software as a Service (SaaS). In addition to the SaaS user experience, new hires benefit from an … Continue reading Electronic Onboarding without IT