Electronic Onboarding without IT

As soon as HR Managers hear about a new “system” or “software,” they immediately think the IT department has to reconfigure every desktop in the organization. With an online onboarding solution, you are tapping into a “no maintenance” Software as a Service (SaaS). In addition to the SaaS user experience, new hires benefit from an … Continue reading Electronic Onboarding without IT

How to Avoid Onboarding Red Flags for Employees

Some companies go through the time and expense to recruit, but then fumble the onboarding process for new hires. Yet, a positive onboarding experience sets the tone for your new hire’s success. Here’s how: Welcome new hires even before they arrive on Day 1. An onboarding system can be customized with a formal Welcome Letter … Continue reading How to Avoid Onboarding Red Flags for Employees

Add Consistency with Onboarding

Consistent processes are essential to organizational effectiveness. This is especially true if your organization has multiple locations.  An onboarding software offers a consistent, unified onboarding processes for new hires. Let's look at a nationwide organization, for example. The HR Administrator may be centralized at headquarters and far from the actual hiring locations. The Hiring Managers … Continue reading Add Consistency with Onboarding

Get Forms Completed with Onboarding

Missing paperwork could be costly. Some new hire forms may be required to comply with government regulations. Other new hire forms are completed to ensure new hires are aware of company policies. An onboarding software is an easy-to-use tool that facilitates the tracking of completed forms, thereby enforcing a process for consistency and compliance. Let's … Continue reading Get Forms Completed with Onboarding

myStaffingPro Onboarding Processes 95,000th Hire

Goodbye paper, hello efficiency!  Since I originally wrote myStaffingPro’s Onboarding Process Saves 120th tree two years ago, our onboarding usage has more than doubled.  The myStaffingPro onboarding process is now utilized by one out of every four clients and has facilitated the hiring process for more than 95,000 new hires. Companies consistently choose myStaffingPro's onboarding solution … Continue reading myStaffingPro Onboarding Processes 95,000th Hire

Top 5 Onboarding Mistakes

The next time you hire someone, make sure you avoid these common onboarding mistakes: Start the process too late. Don't wait until the new hire is wondering around the parking lot! Start the onboarding process prior to their first day. Ideally, the onboarding process should prepare the new hire for their first day of work … Continue reading Top 5 Onboarding Mistakes

What is Onboarding?

Onboarding is the process of helping new hires become employees. The onboarding process involves a series of steps including but not limited to: Welcoming the new hire to the company Providing information about the benefits and culture Completing new-hire paperwork, including: Application W-4 I-9 State tax form Direct deposit form Signing off on the employee … Continue reading What is Onboarding?