myStaffingPro’s Onboarding Process Saves 120th tree!

As our document storage system reaches 1 million pieces of paper saved, we thought it would be interesting to look up the impact of that level of conservation: 1,000,000 pages of documents stored electronically 10,000 lbs of paper saved (20# sheet weight office paper) 120 trees saved (24 trees per ton of paper) $8,000 in paper … Continue reading myStaffingPro’s Onboarding Process Saves 120th tree!

A Checklist for Successful Onboarding

Onboarding has been gaining momentum as the latest and greatest applicant tracking feature.  Before you get swept up in the hype, use this checklist as a guide to creating a successful onboarding process. Personalize the process Don’t make the applicant feel like hire #234234872302345.  Personalize the process to keep the applicant engaged, interested, and enhance … Continue reading A Checklist for Successful Onboarding