Your Applicant Tracking System Ate My Resume

Muhahahahahahaha.  The evil and mighty applicant tracking system is still squashing applicants' hopes of being hired.  Although there are a slew of quality applicant tracking systems, like myStaffingPro, those with a poor candidate experience give the entire industry a bad rap.  Typically speaking, the candidate experience is a pain point because applicants feel like they … Continue reading Your Applicant Tracking System Ate My Resume

Rank your Candidates

Not all prescreening questions are equal.  Some are black and white with yes/no question disqualifiers, while others screen for “nice to have” skills and experience.  Rather than using a blanket yes/no response system, utilize multiple response questions with ranking.  Ranking allows you to assign scores to question responses and sort applicants based on the “nice … Continue reading Rank your Candidates

5 Ways to Qualify Applicants

I’ve read more applicant tracking stories about keyword qualification via resume ONLY than I care to.  I’ll be the first to admit, that that using resume keywords as the sole qualifier isn’t the best way to thin your applicant pool.   So, before you simply rate an applicant based on their resume’s keywords, here are 5 … Continue reading 5 Ways to Qualify Applicants