The Top 5 Skills Every Recruiter Should Possess

Recruiters play a vital role within organizations: sourcing and cultivating the key talents needed to make a business thrive. Yet recruiting is a multidisciplinary career path. There are a range of skillsets that serve recruiters well, from the ability to navigate the latest applicant tracking systems to great people skills. Here’s a closer look at the specific skills that today’s recruiters need to thrive as they help build successful companies.

Strong technical skills

Increasingly, recruiting demands advanced technical skills. Job hunters are relying more and more on internet-based job listings to find opportunities. Recruiters promote positions through a wide variety of methods, including web job boards, social media, professional groups, and targeted online headhunting. As a recruiter, it’s important to be comfortable with the technology behind applicant tracking systems, which manage the recruiting process. Not only is this function essential to the recruiter’s job, but understanding how to make the most out of an online recruiting solution can help better candidates and reduce administrative load.

Understanding business operations and internal relationships

Successful recruiters understand the specifics of the business that they’re recruiting for. Positions are more than just a list of skills and required education and experience. Each role plays an important part in moving a business forward. The ability to understand each business’ needs will help in every stage of the recruitment process, including consulting with hiring managers, developing job descriptions, and interviewing candidates. Recruiters must take the time to understand as much as possible about the industry that they’re in, and the company’s unique value proposition. By using this approach, recruiters are also better positioned to promote their companies to interested candidates.

People and relationship building skills

Recruiting is a very person driven field. Developing the ability to connect with and be trusted by a wide range of individuals serves recruiters well in a number of capacities. It helps HR professionals connect more effectively with hiring managers to clarify their needs. Recruiters with friendly, professional, and approachable demeanors make a positive impression on candidates and build the kind of relationships that lead over time to attract top talent.

Process-oriented approach

Recruiting great candidates is a science. The best recruiters understand this and take a process-oriented approach to how job ads are developed, how they’re marketed, how candidates are vetted, and structuring the interview process. Taking a process-oriented approach keeps all recruitment activities focused, objective and scalable across the organization. It also offers a consistent experience for candidates and internal stakeholders, which is important for both external brand building and employee morale.

Strong professional judgment

Recruiters make decisions every day that affect the future of a business, from which candidates to interview to making recommendations on who to hire. They also handle a wide variety of highly sensitive information, from candidates’ personal information to internal salary information. Strong professional judgment is essential, to ensure that recruiters act with discretion and make the kinds of decisions that lead to strong hires.

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Laborless Recruiting – Is It Possible?

Data in, data out.  Right?  Wrong!  Although applicant tracking systems offer many automation tools, recruiting is not and will never be laborless.

Recruiting will always require skill and technique to identify and complete the hiring process.  Recruiters can however use applicant tracking systems to get a reprieve from:

  • Manually entering applications
  • Tracking applicants via Excel spreadsheets
  • Chasing after managers for approval and responses
  • Looking unorganized and inefficient in front of the applicant
  • Cleaning up duplicates
  • Preventing managers from hiring someone that’s already been dismissed from the company
  • Ensuring the compliance and onboarding data is completed
  • Faxing background check requests
  • Compiling reports in Excel
  • Sorting through endless filing cabinets of data

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Get Feedback from your Hiring Managers!

Over the years, we have heard a lot of recruiters talk about how difficult it is to receive feedback from hiring managers on an applicant. Most of them have stated that their struggles relate to:

  • Sending the appropriate applicant information to the hiring manager for review
  • Ensuring the hiring manager RECEIVES and READS the applicant information
  • Obtaining feedback on which applicants the hiring manager would like to move forward with
  • Coordinating interview schedules between the applicant and the hiring manager

To remedy the information tug-of-war, myStaffingPro applicant tracking system created the Hiring Manager Quick Response (HM QR) enhancement in 2008. Since its inception, HM QR has been enhanced to:

  • Send an applicant feedback request to the hiring manager(s) through email or text message
  • Provide hiring managers with a simple web based portal to review applicant information and insert their comments
  • Allow hiring managers to define their preferred interview times
  • Enable the applicant to schedule their interview and receive pertinent information
  • Send an email to the hiring manager with the applicant’s confirmed appointment slot and functionality to add the appointment to Outlook

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