The Top 5 Skills Every Recruiter Should Possess

Recruiters play a vital role within organizations: sourcing and cultivating the key talents needed to make a business thrive. Yet recruiting is a multidisciplinary career path. There are a range of skillsets that serve recruiters well, from the ability to navigate the latest applicant tracking systems to great people skills. Here's a closer look at … Continue reading The Top 5 Skills Every Recruiter Should Possess

Laborless Recruiting – Is It Possible?

Data in, data out.  Right?  Wrong!  Although applicant tracking systems offer many automation tools, recruiting is not and will never be laborless. Recruiting will always require skill and technique to identify and complete the hiring process.  Recruiters can however use applicant tracking systems to get a reprieve from: Manually entering applications Tracking applicants via Excel … Continue reading Laborless Recruiting – Is It Possible?

Get Feedback from your Hiring Managers!

Over the years, we have heard a lot of recruiters talk about how difficult it is to receive feedback from hiring managers on an applicant. Most of them have stated that their struggles relate to: Sending the appropriate applicant information to the hiring manager for review Ensuring the hiring manager RECEIVES and READS the applicant … Continue reading Get Feedback from your Hiring Managers!