Experience Matters: Improve Your Customer Loyalty

“What’s in it for me” — this has become the mantra of the Smart Phone Generation. With a mobile device in hand, customers have instant access to… well, just about everything. Therefore to retain customer loyalty, companies are discovering that a great customer experience matters. A full end-to-end talent management system can improve your internal … Continue reading Experience Matters: Improve Your Customer Loyalty

Conquer the Post Recession Applicant Pile Up

Great news- things are starting to turnaround!  Before you receive the almighty "go ahead" to post opening, how are you going to prepare yourself for the applicant response rate? To prevent an applicant pile up; organize and process your applicant data with an applicant tracking system. Most applicant tracking systems provide: Interface to manage and post … Continue reading Conquer the Post Recession Applicant Pile Up

Join Us at HR Technology

Meet us in the Windy City September 30th through October 1st for the HR Technology Conference and Exposition.  myStaffingPro will be exhibiting in booth #521, and will be featuring our new Open Platform.  In addition to exhibiting at the conference, we look forward to meeting with partners and vendors in the array of events. If … Continue reading Join Us at HR Technology

Are you Ready?

In the words of Creed's Scott Stapp, "Are you Ready for What's to Come?" Some of you might not be surprised that I went through an ever so slight Creed phase in High School and College.  Although the song has a deeper life meaning, I've heard a lot recently about what is to come in … Continue reading Are you Ready?

Is your ATS your Easy Button?

The Staples ad campaign for the easy button is one of the most memorable campaigns that I can remember.  A couple of my peers actually loved the concept so much that they created their own easy buttons with a little spray paint and  a "moon lite". In the human resources realm, what is your "easy … Continue reading Is your ATS your Easy Button?

Effectiveness and Efficiency are Key in RPO

It is becoming increasingly important in today’s market that companies are able to effectively and efficiently respond to the needs of their clients.  RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) companies can be negatively impacted by processes that limit or inhibit their ability to provide proper feedback to their clients.  Some of the challenges facing RPOs: Effectively prequalifying … Continue reading Effectiveness and Efficiency are Key in RPO

Hassle Free Phone Interviews

For most employers, the intention of the phone interview process is to quickly screen potential employees without investing too much time or money.  However, a manual phone interview process can quickly turn into a resource black hole after all the planning, processing, and follow-up. Why Automate?  An automated process saves you from duplicate data entry … Continue reading Hassle Free Phone Interviews