Does your Recruiting Process Resemble a Kid’s Game?

Sometimes recruiting can feel like an endless game of Marco Polo, where you are blindly posting job openings and hoping that someone will respond. Being in the dark about your recruiting effectiveness can leave you disoriented and disillusioned. Thankfully, there are tools to help. With myStaffingPro applicant tracking system, you can track your recruiting initiatives … Continue reading Does your Recruiting Process Resemble a Kid’s Game?

5 Benefits of a Defined Hiring Process

When companies have a streamlined hiring process, it allows the recruiting process to run seamlessly and results in: 100% Compliance Participation.  Companies that ask for compliance information electronically via an applicant tracking system realize 100% compliance participation.  The automated system collects the information at the same phase for all applicants and requires a response to … Continue reading 5 Benefits of a Defined Hiring Process

What are Hiring Metrics Reports?

Metrics matter when it comes to the hiring process. They can help HR and hiring managers track how long the process is taking, and spot moments where the process slows down. And when senior leaders want to know why things are taking so long, hiring metrics reports help you answer the question. Recruiting metrics can … Continue reading What are Hiring Metrics Reports?