Electronic Onboarding without IT

As soon as HR Managers hear about a new “system” or “software,” they immediately think the IT department has to reconfigure every desktop in the organization. With an online onboarding solution, you are tapping into a “no maintenance” Software as a Service (SaaS). In addition to the SaaS user experience, new hires benefit from an … Continue reading Electronic Onboarding without IT

Security and Uptime for myStaffingPro

In the last post we provided 6 questions to get to the bottom of SaaS vendor security and uptime.  Thankfully, myStaffingPro has always scored well in these categories.  To prove it, below are our responses to last week's post. What is the average downtime statistics for the last five years? Please provide a copy of … Continue reading Security and Uptime for myStaffingPro

5 Culprits of SaaS System Downtime

You know what no one ever talks about?  Downtime.  Why?  Probably because it is boring.  Or maybe it is because we don’t know enough to ask the right questions. 5 Culprits of SaaS System Downtime: Mother Earth/disaster Programmer “upgrade”/whoops Hackers User errors Incompatible hardware or software What can we do to overcome these?  Ask the … Continue reading 5 Culprits of SaaS System Downtime

HR Combo: Announcing HR in the Cloud

Would you like fries, drink, and a cone with your applicant tracking system? myStaffingPro has always been the Burger King of applicant tracking systems where customers can configure and customize the software to "their way". In addition to the vast configuration options and modules available in myStaffingPro, customers can expand their functionality with integrations to … Continue reading HR Combo: Announcing HR in the Cloud

2010 myStaffingPro Highlights

We would like to thank all of our clients for another year of success and recommendations. In 2010, we were able to expand upon the functionality of myStaffingPro applicant tracking system by using your recommendations as a guide.  Over the course of a year, we added the following functionality to myStaffingPro: Free Enhancements: Free job … Continue reading 2010 myStaffingPro Highlights

How Much Is Your ERP Systems “Free” ATS Costing You?

There seems to be an emerging trend with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendors who, in an effort to woo potential clients, are offering a free Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to sweeten the deal. Unfortunately, a *sweet deal* can quickly become a *bitter pill* when you get past the marketing hype and realize that not only … Continue reading How Much Is Your ERP Systems “Free” ATS Costing You?

10 Reasons SaaS Applicant Tracking System Rock!

The top 10 Reasons why SaaS Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) Rock: No Installation No Downloads Upkeep is managed by the applicant tracking system Users have 24/7 access to data from any computer Software updates are immediately applied across the board Size doesn't matter SaaS is less expensive Even stone age computers can run it Minimal … Continue reading 10 Reasons SaaS Applicant Tracking System Rock!