Security and Uptime for myStaffingPro

In the last post we provided 6 questions to get to the bottom of SaaS vendor security and uptime.  Thankfully, myStaffingPro has always scored well in these categories.  To prove it, below are our responses to last week's post. What is the average downtime statistics for the last five years? Please provide a copy of … Continue reading Security and Uptime for myStaffingPro

5 Culprits of SaaS System Downtime

You know what no one ever talks about?  Downtime.  Why?  Probably because it is boring.  Or maybe it is because we don’t know enough to ask the right questions. 5 Culprits of SaaS System Downtime: Mother Earth/disaster Programmer “upgrade”/whoops Hackers User errors Incompatible hardware or software What can we do to overcome these?  Ask the … Continue reading 5 Culprits of SaaS System Downtime