What’s Your Buying Experience?

I recently wanted to get my nails done.  My choices in our mid-sized city are: Fancy salon with soothing music Elbow-to-elbow cheap and minimal experience in the mall New no name place What did I choose?  I asked around to see if anyone had been to the “new no name place”.  No one had, and … Continue reading What’s Your Buying Experience?

Applicant Tracking Laser Focus

myStaffingPro is focused on applicant tracking.  We recognize that we COULD create our own HRIS or performance management system, but the end solution would be "just ok".  Frankly, there are already enough "just ok" talent management suites.  So rather than being everything, we are being ourselves, an applicant tracking system vendor. BUT, that’s not all … Continue reading Applicant Tracking Laser Focus

I’m Like Forget You

According to the recent Bersin Study “Talent Acquisition Systems 2011: Market Realities, Implementation Examples and Solution Provider Profiles” only 42% of respondents will renew their talent acquisition system contract.  Of the remaining respondents, 26% were unsure and 32% said no. Why? Usability Implementation time Partnership relationship/integration issues Configurability What do you think about your talent … Continue reading I’m Like Forget You

10 Tips for Buying an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Before you sign on the dotted line, do your research to make sure that you are getting exactly what you bargained for.  Below I've outlined my 10 tips to buying an applicant tracking system (ATS). Don't believe the hype!  Spending millions in marketing might make a particular system popular, but it doesn't always make it … Continue reading 10 Tips for Buying an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The BEST Applicant Tracking System

Throughout the web, I continuously see the question "who is the best applicant tracking system".   Instead of going completely sales/marketing on them, I always try to respond "it depends"! Although myStaffingPro is FABULOUS, (sorry, couldn't help myself) we are not the perfect solution for everyone.  If there were one magic solution, then there wouldn't … Continue reading The BEST Applicant Tracking System

Don’t Get Egged this Halloween Season!

This year our sales team heard from overwhelming number of companies who were looking to replace their current applicant tracking system.  Although it’s good news for us, I often wonder why the client selected their applicant tracking system in the first place.  Was it the brand, marketing, or false promises that lead them down the … Continue reading Don’t Get Egged this Halloween Season!