Is Your Recruiting Process Helping You Attract Top New Talent?

Recruiting new talent for your organization is a vital function for any growing company. Attracting new talent doesn't just help ensure that key positions are filled and your staff is maximizing productivity. It's also a means for gaining a fresh perspective and infusing new energy and insights into your workplace. But the standard recruiting practices … Continue reading Is Your Recruiting Process Helping You Attract Top New Talent?

A Day in the Life of a Paychex Recruiter

Recruiting is changing at an unprecedented pace, and businesses must quickly adapt to keep pace with the competition for top talent. We sat down with Debra, a Paychex recruiter, to learn more about the changing dynamics of the recruiting environment and what these changes mean for today's recruiters.   What is your number-one source of … Continue reading A Day in the Life of a Paychex Recruiter

Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Technology

myStaffingPro is pleased to once again be awarded Brandon Hall's Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Technology. myStaffingPro was recognized for its vast number of social media tools that assist with and strengthen social recruiting activities, including one-click access to the company’s social media pages, requisition posting to Twitter and Facebook, an RSS feed of job … Continue reading Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Technology

Applicant Tracking Treats

This Halloween, treat yourself to something delicious with myStaffingPro applicant tracking system. Although we aren't made of candy corn, or even pumpkin, myStaffingPro does offer these delicious treats: Mobile career site that allows applicants to apply with their mobile phone Social media tools that enable recruiters to share openings, and applicants to parse information into … Continue reading Applicant Tracking Treats

Success with Free Recruiting Tools

Once again, we'd like to tip our hat to our customer, Midmark Corporation. In 2012, they achieved recruiting success using a variety of myStaffingPro's free recruiting tools. According to our sourcing reports, 38.5% of applicants and 10.3% of hires are from these free tools.   % Apps % Hires Social Media Facebook 0.4% 1.7% LinkedIn … Continue reading Success with Free Recruiting Tools

Social Media Recruiting Success Story

Looking to get employee involvement in social media? Take a cue from our customer, Midmark Corporation. Get the Midmark Corporation Case Study The case study explores Midmark Corporation's recruiting challenges and identifies how: Social media expanded their recruiting reach Internal employees were educated and encouraged to participate in social media myStaffingPro provided the tools and … Continue reading Social Media Recruiting Success Story

Recruiting Techniques for Facebook

Recruiting techniques using social media employs an entirely different approach than that of traditional recruiting methods. There is a vast cyber landscape of thousands of job seekers and passive applicants to tap into, who are all using the Internet. Facebook Social Media Business Profile First and foremost, ensure that the company or business recruitment page … Continue reading Recruiting Techniques for Facebook